Back to School Blessing for Students, Parents and Teachers

Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetFrom Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet…

Dear North Shore Synagogue Family,

As the sun sets on summer and a new school year begins, we want to wish those of you returning to school as students, teachers, faculty, or staff a year filled with learning, growth and enjoyment.

For our students and their parents:

And so begins a new year….
May it be a year of learning and growth, a year of new experiences and understanding.
May they outgrow their shoes and may they not lose their jackets.
May each day bring something new and may routine guide their steps.
May their pencils be sharp and their minds even sharper.
May they revel in the joy of each new fact learned, each right answer, each small accomplishment.
May the erasers on their pencils get as much use as the tips.
May they learn that wrong answers can be just as important as right ones.
May they ask questions, lots and lots of questions, and may their teachers be patient. Very patient.
May they make friends and build relationships, and may they make lifelong connections.
May they be kind and polite and each one a mensch of the highest order.

And may this year be filled with blessings..

For our teachers, faculty, and staff:

May God bless you as you start this new year with your students and colleagues.
May your school environment be one of respect.
May you see the difference you make in your students.
May you witness the impression you have on your colleagues.
May you be appreciated with word and deed.
May you find excitement in everyday.
May you receive visits from the past that let you know how much you make a difference.
May you be able to find light in the darkest of places.
May this school year be one of growth and renewal