North Shore Synagogue Contact List

Main Number: (516) 921-2282
Fax Number: (516) 921-2393
Emergencies and deaths when Synagogue is closed: Extension 8
Directions: Extension 7
Main Office and Member Services: Extension 0
Clergy and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring: Extension 2
Religious School and Youth Group: Extension 3
Nursery School: Extension 4 Teen Program: Extension 5
Name Ext Email Address
 Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet 111
Cantor Steven Hevenstone 109
 Rabbi Emeritus David Whiman 102
 Rabbi Emeritus Louis Stein 102
Temple Office and Administration
 Jacquelynn Golub, Executive Director 106
 Main Office 100
 Bookkeeper 103
Religious School and Youth Programs
 Religious School Office 120
 Jacquelynn Golub, Religious School Principal 122
 Youth Director 113
Nursery School
 Jacquie Sanchez, Early Childhood Director 140
 Nursery School Assistant 141
 Nursery School Website
Lay Leadership
 Sondra Cardno, President 190
 Scott Fisher and Cindy Munter, Financial Secretaries 180

Contact The Standard at North Shore at 516.226.1460 or