3rd to 6th Grade Program

Our 3rd to 6th Grade Religious School is a once-a-week program in which we strive to build a community where students can discover their own, unique way of connecting with our ancient and ever evolving tradition.

We work around your schedule.

Students in 3rd– 6th Grades have the option of choosing a class that meets on:

Sundays 9:15 am – 11:30 am OR
Mondays 4:15 pm – 6:30 pm OR
Tuesdays 4:15 pm – 6:30 pm

All classes are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment.

Our renowned 3rd-6th Grade Religious School program is fun, engaging, active, and meaningful. Our curriculum emphasizes both Hebrew and Judaic content. We encourage digging deeper into our texts for insight about living Jewishly today. Through learning about Torah, Israel, Jewish values, ethics, holidays, God, and spirituality, students will have a chance to explore what it means to be Jewish today, and what being Jewish has to do with their daily lives.

 The goal of our Hebrew program is for every child to become a capable Hebrew reader and to feel a mastery over the prayers. Our Hebrew classes focus first on learning the letters and vowels of the Hebrew alphabet, and then on learning the prayers that make up our Shabbat liturgy. We gather together weekly for t’filah (prayer service) and music with our clergy. Students have the opportunity in t’filah to practice prayers that are learned in the classroom, and to become empowered leaders in our community.

Our curriculum values relationships as much as learning. This is a place where our students are seen, known, and loved. Our students form friendships as they learn, explore, and have fun together. And they know they can look to their teachers, their madrichim (teenage teaching assistants), their Religious School Principal, and their Rabbis and Cantor for guidance and care.

We provide individualized support for children with special needs. In addition to offering accommodations for children with IEPs and 504s, we have a Special Needs teacher on staff to meet with students and/or parents and to develop individualized instruction in a hands-on, multi-sensory learning environment.

For more information, call our Religious School office at 516-921-2282 ext. 120 or email us at religiousschool@northshoresynagogue.org