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  • Additional Security Protocols
    October 12, 2023
    These last few days have been challenging, as we all witness the horrific events in the Middle East. We have been continuously collaborating with our Internal Security Team, Security Company, Nassau County Police Department and our local/federal partners, to ensure the best safety protocol for our
  • Standing with Israel – Resources to help and speak to children
    October 11, 2023
    Dear North Shore Synagogue Family, We are all reeling from the horrific attack on our homeland. The Israeli death toll is past the 1,000 mark with thousands more injured and, at last check, about 130 people taken hostage, including the elderly (even a holocaust survivor) and children (including
  • Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet delivers sermon9/22/2023 Sermon on Antisemitism (video)
    September 23, 2023
  • Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetBack to School Blessing for Students, Parents and Teachers
    September 5, 2023
    From Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet… Dear North Shore Synagogue Family, As the sun sets on summer and a new school year begins, we want to wish those of you returning to school as students, teachers, faculty, or staff a year filled with learning, growth and enjoyment. For our students and their
  • Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetWhy Are You A Member of A Synagogue? (Rabbi Shalhevet)
    August 14, 2023
    “Why are you a member of a synagogue?” It’s a different question than “Why do you join a synagogue,” right? Most people – and I am generalizing here – join a synagogue in order to receive something from it: education for a child, a B’nei Mitzvah, a wedding, funeral, or other
  • Lifelong Learning Update
    June 4, 2023
    North Shore Synagogue’s Lifelong Learning Committee is proud to announce that it will be offering and sharing a broad range of Jewish cultural events and learning opportunities. Click here for Ten Minutes of Torah, a daily email from the URJ. Articles of interest More than a third of people
  • Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetJourney into the new year with (Jewish) holidays (Rabbi Shalhevet)
    January 3, 2023
    Like a few other cultures, our Jewish calendar is a lunar one, following the cycle of the moon. It still consists of 12 months, but because each cycle of the moon is 29.5 days long, every month is either 29 or 30 days, sometimes not the same each year. It makes the year only 355
  • What Brings You Here? (Beth Bucheister)
    January 2, 2023
    The President’s note is purposeful if it provides information that , once read, is beneficial to congregants. The note needs to express the indebtedness of our staff, including our Rabbi, Executive Director, teachers, maintenance and office staff. The President’s note should highlight past and
  • Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetMental Health Awareness Month (Rabbi Shalhevet)
    May 14, 2022
    Almost everything I see these days is telling me that time is running out. The school superintendent is sending emails such as “it’s hard to believe there’s only 6 more weeks of the school year!” The principal is sending messages saying “hurry to buy those black dress slacks for the end
  • Rabbi Jaimee ShalhevetJudaism and Race (Rabbi Shalhevet)
    April 8, 2022
    I remember hearing in college, from Professor Jyl Lynn Felman, that race is fluid. I remember thinking that was an insane statement. You couldn’t change your race, I argued. I couldn’t decide I was Black any more than a dove could choose to become a tiger. The class discussed for quite some