Committees and Task Forces

Committees and Task Forces (committees forrmed for a single purpose or event) are a great way to get involved with North Shore Synagogue.  We need your talents and time to make NSS the best community it can be!

If you are interested in participating, contact the committee chairs or the president.  The NSS president assigns all committee members in consultation with the chairpersons.  (If you don’t hear back immediately, be persistent!  Our lay leadership and chairpersons are volunteers too and are juggling their own work, personal lives and temple commitments!)

Sisterhood and Adult Education>>are another way to get involved in organizing events throughout the year!

Annual Task Forces

These task forces are formed each year in order to plan and execute specific events. If you are interested in the below events, contact the person listed. 

Other task forces are formed throughout the year as needed.  If you are interested in participating when something comes up, please contact the President, Executive Director or a clergy member and let them know your interests and availability. 

Task Force Description Membership Contact Person
New Year’s Card Responsible for creation and mailing of the annual New Years card fundraiser including advertising the fundraiser, coordinating donation collection with the Office and production and mailing. Starts in May/June with advertising. Majority of activity just before Rosh Hashanah. Sisterhood
Book of Remembrance Responsible for creation of the Book of Remembrance including communication, coordinating donation collection with the Office and production. Starts in May/June with advertising. Majority of activity just before Rosh Hashanah. Ginny McNulty
Journal Dinner Dance Responsible for organizing the annual Journal Dinner Dance, our main annual fundraiser. Includes organizing the party, invitations and the journal. Planning starts in January/February. Event is generally in April or May. Pam Dreisiger
Purim Carnival The Purim Carnival is one of our biggest community events of the year. The event is managed by our Director of Youth Engagement, with help from the Education and Youth Committee and many others. We need volunteers to get items for raffles and auctions, planning and helping at the carnival. Planning starts in January. Jacquelynn Golub

Synagogue Life Committees

Committee Description Membership Chairperson(s)
Mitzvah and Giving>> Responsible for organizing events and activities to support the broader community and “repair the world” (tikkun olam). Coordinates social action and charitable events like food and clothing drives and tzedekah distribution. Helps congregants in times of need by delivering shiva baskets and providing coffee urns and recommendations through the “shiva mavens.”  Formerly called the “Mitzvah Committee.” Open to new ideas and members!  Get involved for one event or all. Patrice Grossman, Ilene Zelniker
Lifelong Learning Organizes events, activities and lectures throughout the year for adult learning experiences. Open to new ideas and members! Susan Kopech
Social Justice Create programs to inspire and mobilize the community for social justice. Open to new ideas and members! Mark Goidell
Membership & Marketing Responsible for attracting, engaging and retaining members. Coordinates and creates external marketing.  Organizes new member events. Deliver new member baskets.  Recommends activities to better engage and retain members. Open to new ideas and members!  Prefer members active in synagogue activities. Membership: Patrice Grossman, Donna Gelber

Marketing: Jim Garfinkel

Event Organize and manage events for the entire NSS community. Open to new ideas and members! Sondra Cardno, Pam Dreisiger
Spiritual Life (Ritual) Works closely with Senior Rabbi and other clergy to recommend ritual practices including music, style and other logistics of worship at North Shore Synagogue. Prefer members who regularly attend various worship services Jay Fishbein, Susan Kopech
Choir Works closely with the Cantor to organize choir rehearsals, worship events and other activities. Choir members. Iris Rosenthal, Cantor Hevenstone
Youth Learning and Engagement Oversees and supports our Religious School and Youth Group programming (including Works with our Director of Congregational Learning and Director of Youth Engagement on programming, curriculum and logistics. Prefer members with current or recent children in school or youth group. Jill Schubert, Julie Kessler
Nursery School Responsible for engaging Nursery School families in synagogue events including Tot Shabbat and events like the Purim Carnival. Maintains communication with NS families in coordination with the Director of Early Childhood Learning. Prefer members active in synagogue activities or interest in attracting new families. Larry Henin, Bonnie Epstein
Art Oversees the acquisition, sale and display (in coordination with the House & Security Committee) of art work in the synagogue. Prefer members with art interest or background. David Shapiro
Oneg and Flowers Recommend flower arrangements for the sanctuary and food selection for Oneg Shabbats. Prefer members who regularly attend Erev Shabbat services. Jacquelynn Golub
Website/Social Media Maintains website and social media in coordination with the Membership & Marketing Committee. Prefer members with some technical aptitude. Jim Garfinkel

Administrative Committees

Committee Description Membership Chairperson(s) 
Budget & Finance Responsible for creating and monitoring the temple’s budget. Typically members of the Board. Jim Garfinkel, Steve Epstein
House & Security Oversees maintenance, repair, operations and security for the physical building and grounds. Prefer members with experience managing buildings or offices David Shapiro
Investment & Endowment Directs investments and investment strategy of synagogue funds in conjunction with the Treasurer and President. Prefer members with investment management experience. Jim Garfinkel, Scott Fisher
Insurance Oversees insurance policies. Prefer members with insurance experience. Jonathan Freed
Contracts Negotiates and drafts contracts between the synagogue and employees (including clergy) and vendors. Prefer attorneys with Board experience. Scott Fisher
Catering Oversees the in-house caterers. Recommends and negotiates catering contracts to the Board of Trustees. Limited to 3 individuals. Prefer members with business and Board experience. Jay Fishbein
Pulpit Oversees and provides feedback to clergy.  Recommends renewal of clergy contracts and searches for new clergy to the Board. Prefer active congregants and Board members with diverse perspectives. Beth Bucheister, Pam Dreisiger
Cemetery Coordinates sale of NSS cemetery plots. Recommends and negotiates additional cemetery space and maintenance. Prefer members with relevant business experience. Craig Wild
Technology Reviews and recommends technology purchase and maintenance in the synagogue in coordination with the House & Security Committee. Prefer members with relevant business or technology experience. Jim Garfinkel