North Shore Synagogue Funds

For more information on specific funds or to establish a fund, please contact the synagogue president via email or leave a message in the office.

Clergy Funds

RABBI SHALHEVET’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: provides for emergency and special needs for the Temple and Jewish organizations in the community.

RABBI SHALHEVET’S PROGRAMMING FUND: designed to help finance special events at North Shore Synagogue.

RABBI WHIMAN’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: provides emergency relief to individuals or organizations in the community in need of speedy assistance.

RABBI FOGEL’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: provides emergency relief to individuals or organizations in the community in need of speedy assistance.

CANTOR DAVID TAUBER MEMORIAL FUND: to continue Cantor Tauber’s passion for teaching the musical and cultural traditions of Judaism to the students of our Religious School and to inspire in our congregation a love of Israel, the land and its people.

CANTOR RENÉE COLESON MEMORIAL FUND: to enrich the musical and spiritual life of the congregation through a variety of programs in education and music

RABBI ROBERT M. BENJAMIN MEMORIAL FUND: honoring the memory of Rabbi Robert Benjamin. Donations to this fund are not earmarked for a specific purpose.

Special Funds

General Funds

NORTH SHORE SYNAGOGUE FUND: for general operation of the Synagogue

YAHRZEIT FUND: donations in memory of loved ones

Tzedakah, Caring and Mitzvah Fund

HOLIDAY FOOD FUND: provides meals for needy Jewish families on Jewish holidays.

JEWISH ELDERLY FUND: provides luncheons and other services for the Jewish elderly who live in older areas of New York City.

MARTIN H. BIRNBAUM FEED-THE-NEEDY FUND: provides food for needy families through Hatzilu, DOROT, Project Ezra, and the Interfaith Nutrition Network.

MITZVAH/CARING/ENVIRONMENTAL FUND: provides funding and defrays costs for our monthly and ongoing Mitzvah, Caring and Environmental projects.

SISTERHOOD RUTH SCHINDLER MEMORIAL FUND: provides money to “Happiness is Camping,” a summer camp for children with cancer.

TZEDAKAH FUND: provides funds to help needy new immigrants in Israel and restore Jewish facilities in Eastern Europe.

Life Long Learning and Lecture Funds

HOWARD KANE MEMORIAL FUND: to support and enrich life-long Jewish learning through special programs in Adult Education.

ARTHUR SMILOWITZ MEMORIAL SPEAKERS FUND: sponsors lectures, speakers, movies or exhibits concerning Biblical Text and historical or archeological study concerning the bible and/or Jewish History.

JAY LITZMAN MEMORIAL TORAH STUDY AND SERVICE-IN-THE-ROUND FUND: sponsors guest study and service leaders for Torah study and services-in-the round as well as speakers and programs on selected Jewish learning topics.

LEVEY MEMORIAL FUND: provides funds to subsidize cultural and religious events on a regular and ongoing basis.

LIBRARY FUND: maintains the Charles Cohn Memorial Library.

LIFELONG LEARNING FUND: provides funding and defrays costs for Jewish lifelong learning programs at North Shore Synagogue.

SATURDAY AM MINYAN FUND: defrays costs of service, oneg, childcare, and prayerbooks.

SAMUEL & LILLIAN FOGEL MEMORIAL FUND: sponsors lectures on important Jewish subjects at local universities.

Music and Worship Funds

ONEG & FLOWER FUND: defrays cost of Shabbat flowers and oneg.

PRAYERBOOK FUND: purchases prayerbooks for the sanctuary.

CHARLES J. BARNETT FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC FUND: makes possible the presentation of great choral works and classical Reform compositions of our Jewish musical heritage.

EDWIN LAGER MEMORIAL CHOIR FUND: provides extra equipment and supplies (scores, instrumentalists, microphones, tapes) for the Adult and Junior Choirs.

LEON I. CHARASH SHABBAT ALIVE FUND: to offset costs of Shabbat Alive services.

MICHAEL DREISIGER MEMORIAL FUND FOR HIGH HOLIDAY MUSIC: to support and enhance the music offered as part of our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur worship.

SCHWARTZ RELIGIOUS SCHOOL MUSIC FUND: supports musical programming & curriculum developement for the children of North Shore Synagogue Religious School.

HERMAN BERNSTEIN MEMORIAL FUND: goes toward the purchase of supplies for the Sanctuary.

Youth, Nursery and Religious School Funds

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL TUITION RELIEF FUND: to establish funds for aid for Religious School tuition.

YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND: defrays expenses of delegates from our Youth Groups and Religious School to conclaves, camps, and convocations in cooperation with NFTY.

COLLEGE FUND: provides packages and information at Chanukah and Passover to our college students.

PHILIP GOLDSTEIN MEMORIAL FUND: provides funding to purchase audio visual equipment for use by our Religious School and Youth Group and to help purchase furnishings for our Religious School.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND: provides extra services and special programs and speakers for the children in our Religious School.

NURSERY SCHOOL FUND: provides extra services and special programs and speakers for the children in our Nursery School

YOUTH GROUP FUND: defrays cost of our Youth Group Special Programs.

FAMILY PROGRAMS FUND: defrays expenses for our enriching family programs, including holiday workshops, Shabbat dinners, and family outings with a Jewish spirit.

ANTANIR TOT SHABBAT FUND: defrays cost of Tot Shabbat Service for 2-5 year olds and their families and provides a scholarship for a needy nursery school child in Israel.

SCHWARTZ RELIGIOUS SCHOOL MUSIC FUND: supports ongoing and special music programs in the religious school.

Art, Garden, Building and Grounds Funds

ALEX AND EDITH STEIN FUND: provides funds to purchase significant religious objects and museum quality art and to maintain and repair our Torahs.

BETH-ANN DANE MEMORIAL ART FUND: for the purchase of artwork to beautify the areas in and adjacent to the Sanctuary.

DIANE’S GARDEN FUND: maintains the garden along the walkway by the Muttontown Road entry doors.

JUDY’S GARDEN FUND: maintains the garden along the walkway by the Religious School wing doors.

ROBERT STERNMAN MEMORIAL GARDEN FUND: maintains the new gardens around the Synagogue.

SHEILA GILBERT MEMORIAL GARDEN FUND: maintains the meditation garden in the area facing Muttontown Road.

BUILDING RENOVATION FUND: defrays the cost of renovation of the Synagogue.