March-April Nursery School News

It may have been very cold outside but it’s been a wonderful winter at school. The children learned about what animals and people do in the winter. We learned some hibernate, some migrate and some adapt. We had a blast during hibernation day. We all wore our pajamas and went on a bear hunt. We had so much fun looking through the halls following clues and finding bears.

We also celebrated the 100th day of school on February 18, 2022. The children celebrated 100 days of friendship and learning!

The 4’s finally finished the phonics portion of the “Fundations” program. When we returned from break the children began learning how to write the sky line letters, t, b, f, l, h and k. Next they will move onto the plane letters, n, m, i, u, r, p and j.

The 3’s classes talked about different emotions and the importance of friendship. The class has been busy working on building the strength in their hands by enjoying many fun fine motor activities. They used tweezers to pick up small objects. They picked up buttons and placed them on a number chart. They practiced using scissors and tracing lines and circles with markers. The 2’s learned about dinosaurs and farm animals.

All the classes learned about community helpers. They enjoyed turning their dramatic play centers into different places in the community, such as the post office, a vet office, and a doctor’s office.

We are looking forward to celebrating Purim in March. We can’t wait to wear costumes and have our parade and party!

Jacquie Sanchez

Director, Preschool and Universal Pre-K