NSS Office File Uploader

Upload files below.


  • You can upload the following files on this page: .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .pdf
  • Although you can use any file name, you may want to shorten it to a reasonable length since it becomes part of the URL.
  • If you want to upload .doc or .docx files, contact the webmaster. (If there’s a reason to do it frequently, we can open it up on this page, but most flyers should be .PDF.)
  • The file size limit is set to 3MB. Contact the webmaster to upload larger files. (This can be changed if it’s a frequent issue.)
  • All files are uploaded to https://northshoresynagogue.org/images/pdfs/events/2017-18/filename.pdf
  • To upload more permanent files (not for a single year), contact the webmaster to put it in a different directory (ie, not 2016-17 etc.)
  • To change the year, contact the webmaster to change the default directory.


After you upload the file, you will get a message like this confirming that the upload was successful.  The URL at the bottom (circled below) is a live link that you can test, then copy from the browser.  If you forget to get it or there’s a problem, use the URL above and change the file name.  You can always upload the file again.